Pratheev Sreetharan

Pratheev is a physicist and inventor currently from Cambridge, Massachusetts. His passion is working on new technologies and devices, from siege engines, air cannons, and homemade rockets in his youth to alien hunting telescopes, hand-held x-ray devices, and the next generation of smartphones in adulthood. A particular interest in flight led Pratheev to probe the secrets of how insects achieve the feat simply by flapping wings. Instead of easy answers, he received a rude introduction to the enormous difficulty of creating machines that mimic insects a few millimeters across. Pratheev's efforts led to the development of a new manufacturing technology capable of not only creating robotic insects that fly and crawl, but a wide variety of integrated machines at the millimeter-scale. His work has received awards from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Boston Museum of Science where it is on display. Pratheev has also received Technology Review's TR35 award, naming the world's top 35 innovators under the age of 35.  His work at QCI focuses on innovative packaging technologies for superconducting quantum elements.