Building quantum computers
designed to scale

Our founders pioneered the field of quantum computing. Now we're building them to deliver a truly revolutionary product to the world, using superconducting qubits in a modular, robust, and scalable architecture.

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Compute the uncomputable

Solve practical problems

Quantum computation has the promise of solving problems classical computers will simply never be able to - from pharma and finance to machine learning and AI.

Leverage quantum phenomena

The key is using quantum phenomena such us superposition and entanglement to realize massive parallelism and exponential scaling of computational power.

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Rockets, the internet, supercomputers: some of the most advanced technologies thrive from a modular approach. Why not quantum computing? At QCI, we connect the best quantum hardware in a reconfigurable architecture.

It's simple, flexible, and powerful.


When you run an algorithm, you want to be confident that you got the right answer.  Error correction is built into every module.  QCI's novel approach reduces complexity and increases reliability.

Focus on solutions.


Master one module, master them all. We are scaling by maximizing the performance of a single module, and then connecting more and more of them to our reconfigurable quantum computer. It's an inherently scalable architecture: add one module to the network, double the computing power.

Scale seamlessly.

Full Stack

QCI's unique software platform harnesses the power of our quantum hardware. We are building a full stack of flexible software to run novel and complex algorithms, exploiting the full potential of quantum computation.

Delivering Quantum as a Service.

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